In China, much like in Europe, dance has developed and grown to the point that it encompasses three distinct types: folk dance, minority dance (for dances of the several minority ethnicities in China), and classical. Chinese classical dance comes largely from the court dances and Chinese opera of yesteryear, and has also been influenced by martial arts. China was greatly influenced by Buddhism, and their contemporary dance instruction reflects that in its use of Chi and Tai Chi Chuan. If you have read Zen and the Art of Archery, dance is another of these arts - like archery or flower arranging - which incorporates the ideas of Zen and uses them to achieve great things.

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The Influences of Chi and Chan Buddhism in Chinese Classical Dance and Modern Dance (best viewed w/ Internet Explorer)
Traditional Chinese Culture in Taiwan
Photo Gallery
Toronto Chinese Dance Company (check out the photo gallery)
History of the Lion Dance
The Chinese Lion Dance

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