I feel like thereís so much more to tell, but if I donít stop, Iíll be writing volumes. I realize already how much Iíve had to skip completely - there was nothing about Irish clogging up until that last mention in the tap dance section. Belly dancing and Whirling Dervishes are missing completely. Break dancing and stepping and no doubt many other dances are absent as well.

The good news is that dance on the internet has exploded. I tried to find a few links about dance history for my very first webpage back in 1997, and there was nothing. Literally nothing. You can see from all the links I gave you (and there were many more I didnít give you for fear of drowning you in links) that there is now a plethora of information on the web. Iím waiting for the day not too far distant when complete ballets and performances from yesteryear are available and easily viewed if you only know where to look. For now, Iíll just have to watch PBS.

Pictures & Articles

Some of these have interesting articles, and others I included only for the pictures - those might be for event listings, etc., but the pictures are nice.

Other Resources

Ballet & Modern Dance, by Susan Au

Looking at Dance, Looking at Dancers: A highly opinionated guide to dance appreciation
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