Social Dance in the West After the Renaissance

There are too many social dances to go into much depth here, but luckily these are dances most of us are familiar with. For instance: disco, the cha-cha, swing, the waltz, the shag, the charleston, the tango, the mamba, the twist, and of course the chicken dance. Some, like the waltz, were born of European ballroom dancing and even retain a balletic flavor. Others were from Spain or Hispanic countries like Cuba, Mexico, and Latin and South America. Several were born out of America’s impetuous love of jazz and then rock. More dances are being born every day. And finally, finally, couple dancing came about.

Pictures & Articles

Some of these have interesting articles, and others I included only for the pictures - those might be for event listings, etc., but the pictures are nice.

Baroque dance
Western Social Dance
The Quadrille in the 1800's (picture)
Ragtime dance in the early 1900's (picture)
Dance History Archives

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